Standardized Flightcase

Standardized Flightcase
Standardized reusable packaging designed for regular transport of hazardous material (shuttle case).

This product protects you against the following risks:
  • Toxic (6.1)
  • Potentially infectious (6.2)
  • Oxidizer (5.1)
  • Non flammable Non toxic gas (2)
  • Dangerous for the environment
  • Miscellaneous (9)
  • Flammable
  • Explosives (1)
  • Corrosif (8)

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Technical specifications

  • Manufactured to specification according to client needs (Colour, closing apparatus, stainless steel or other fittings, carrying handle, hoist support, wheels, aluminum frame, etc.)
  • Developed in 3D software Standardized for packaging of all types of hazardous products


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