E3 Cortex

Specialist for over 30 years in the design and manufacture of custom or standard packages, E3 Cortex adapts to customers’ specific needs, taking constant care to upgrade its products’ quality, as well as in the areas of hazardous, fragile or temperature-sensitive products.

With constant attention to its customers and advances in technology, its skills and range in packaging has grown over the years. Starting with the manufacture of wooden cases for export, E3 Cortex has improved its skills as it has grown.

E3 Cortex

Gamme Emballages

  • Created by Christian PASCAL.
  • First certificate for hazardous materials.
  • Moved (production area increased from 200 to 500m²).
  • Put in place a range of approved cardboard packages.
  • Constructed its THILLAY workshop (1100m²).
  • Created a Flightcase customised workshop.
  • Created the Securipack range.

  • Constructed its THIEUX workshop (2600m²).
  • Created CRYOPACK
  • Created an internal testing laboratory.
  • Created FRIGIPACK
  • Converted to E3 CORTEX, a limited company with a capital of 300,000 euros
Obtained ISO 9001 certification (THIEUX site).

Emballage Thermosensible

We work in many different sectors

E3 Cortex is active in many sectors: hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biologics, electronics, robotics, measuring equipment, nuclear and aeronautics. Containers for hazardous materials, isothermal containers, packaging for radioactive materials, lost packages, reusable packages, polyester containers, wrap, all types of calibrations.

Emballage étanche

  • Created BIOTAINER
  • Created the EXPORT DEPARTMENT for standard products.
  • Opened the Dreux workshop (800m² production area)
  • Opened the SEALED CONTAINER and WRAP DIVISION at Dreux.
  • Created VITALPACK

A growing distribution network

With a very specific product range and recognized know-how, our customers’ demands in Europe and other regions of the world are increasing ever-more. That is why our distribution network is growing year after year; here are the countries in which our products are sold: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Belgium and Italy.

  • Evolution of the cardboard boxes and folding cases into 4GV and 4DV.
  • Changed the BIOTAINER range into "4GU”
  • Opened a warehouse for hazardous products.
  • Set up an ADG restricted 24/24 hour, 7/7 day facility.

Emballage Produit Dangereux

Christian Pascal, founder of E3 Cortex

The company is based on a good understanding of market trends and anticipates needs. New designs are always underway, promoting our growth. We have a solid quality system and constant analysis of our effectiveness, giving E3 Cortex its excellent reputation.

Emballage Sur-Mesure

  • Extended the storage area at the Dreux site.
  • Increased corporate equity (from 300,000 to 1,000,000 euros).
  • Created Diagnopli.
  • Installed 3D design software to create custom packaging
  • Created Vitalpack Evo