• Bespoke
    Fragile, specific, hazardous, bio-hazardous and temperature-sensitive products: we cover all hazard classes.
  • A complete
    Complete service: design, manufacturing, handling, storage and shipment of your sensitive materials.
  • Recognized experts
    Created 30 years ago, E3 Cortex has managed to amass all the experience necessary to provide you with shipments that can withstand any challenge.
  • A strategic location
    E3 Cortex is located nearby the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport development zone, which is a hub for European transportation.

E3 Cortex, creating Special Packages

Emballages Produits Dangereux

Hazardous Product Packages

Design, production of approved packaging for transport of hazardous products (all hazard classes as well as some radioactive substances) Development and approval of packages for hazardous products (4GV boxes and 4DV cases) Storage, packing and compliance for your hazardous products at our dedicated site in Mitry-Mory.

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Emballages Produits Biologiques

Packages for biologic products

Range of approved packaging for the transport of infectious materials, class 6.2. Development of specific solutions for the transport at controlled temperatures of biological samples (UN3373 and UN2814) and to optimise packing and transport costs.

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Emballages Produits Thermosensibles

Packages for temperature-sensitive products

Standard range, or custom design Perform thermal resistance tests in-house Packages for organ transplants, cell strains and biological tissues.

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Emballages Produits Fragiles

Packages for fragile or particular products

Stratified, reusable containers, military containers or custom wood boxes Technical, customised packaging in the areas of aeronautics and basic research for high-value-added items.

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JIB 2019


E3 CORTEX will be present at JIB 2019 We will be happy to meet you on our stand 86 which will take place from 21 to 22 november 2019 in PARIS.

ESOT 2021


See you in Milan for the next ESOT congress



2019 New Address


E3 CORTEX Z.A. du Pré de la Dame Jeanne 60128 PLAILLY



Video Tutorial showing the usage of VITALPACK EVO bag for graft transportation thanks to our BIOTAINER 2.8L KIT & pelables pouches.

LITHIUM battery shipment


Given the complexity of the air regulations for shipments of lithium batteries, we wanted to produce a synthetic & clear document facilitating your procedures .

ADDENDUM of 20/06/2017


ADDENDUM of 20/06/2017, warning many airlines companies refuse certain types of packaging & shipments for lithium batteries

Innovation produit


E3 Cortex is proud to present his new innovative product: the Vermiculite absorbent bag.

Agrandissement de gamme


La gamme des cartons homologués 4GV d'E3 Cortex vient de s'enrichir de plusieurs nouveaux formats double et triple cannelure répondant à toutes les attentes du marché.

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